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Lift Handle Waste Drain with Overflow for Commercial Sinks
Wall Mounted Commercial Faucet
Service or Mop Sink Faucet
Drinking Fountain Retro Fit Kit
Chrome Plated Brass Drinking Fountain
Wall Mounted Self-Closing Faucet
Self-Closing Metering Single Lav Faucet
Exposed Personal Shower
Quarter Handle Turn Single Lav Faucet
Angle Urinal Metering Valve
Self-Closing Utility Water Valve
Push Button Self - Closing 180 Degree Valve
Lift Handle Waste Drain for Commercial Sinks
33161 6" Gooseneck
Medium Duty - Wal Mount - 4" Centers
21840 Angle Urinal Metering Valve
21849 Push Button Self - Closing 90 Degree Flushvalve
33150 Lever Drain Washer Repair Kit

Flanges - Escutcheons for Steel, Copper, Plastic Pipe
Commercial Lavatory Drain
Sink or Lavatory P-Traps
Add-A-Shower with Bath Cock
Premium Quality Dual Thread Slotted Faucet Aerator
PASCO Pipe Straps
Grid Style Lavatory Drain
Floor and Ceiling Plate
Spin Lock Basket Strainer
P-Traps With Cleanout
34104 - Less Cleanout - 8" Wall Bend - Chrome
34106 Less Cleanout - 8" Wall Bend - Chrome
1195 Fiberglass Shower Arm Ell
P-Trap With Cleanout And 8" Wall Bend
1893 1894 1943 1944 1905 1906 1944-S Brass Waste Connectors
2060 2060-38 Granulated Carbon Filter
2104 Premium Quality Slotted Aerator
11347 11427 7 inch Long Diverter & Tub Spouts
34106DB Less Cleanout - 8 inch Wall Bend
34110DB Less Cleanout - 8 inch Wall Bend
50710 50712 Dishwasher Drain Hose Airgap
1185 6" inch CP Brass Shower Arm
1187 Set Screw Shower Flange
6" Chrome Plated Brass Shower Arm With Flange
8" Chrome Plated Brass Shower Arm With Flange

Glycerine Filled Pressure Gauges
Dial Type Thermometer
Hot Water Thermometers
1457 Dial Type Thermometers
1450 1450-D Dial Type Thermometer
1459 1460 Pigtail Siphons

Flexible Couplings for Pipe with Stainless Steel Shields
No-Hub Couplings for Cast Iron Pipe
Flexible Couplings for Pipe
Flexible Sewer Main Line Inlet Tee
Cast Iron Closet Flange (296, 297, 298)
Expandable Plumbing, DWV, Test Plugs
Proseal Flex Couplings
U.S.A. Made High Quality Neoprene Flexible Couplings
Flexible Couplings for Clay Pipe
4841 6" Test & Clean Out Cap
Shower Drains (60201, 60203, 60205)
60205 Shower & Floor Drain
5622 Flexible Couplings for Pipe
5642 Flexible Couplings for Pipe
62304 - 62306 PVC Sewer Pop-Up
62304 - 62306 PVC Sewer Pop-Up [Video]

Flexible Waterproofing Membrane
Vinyl Shower Pan Liner

60000 Series Hose Clamps
Water Meter Coupling
7-3098 Evaporative Cooler Adapter

Concentric Vent Kits
42540 Instructions