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Introducing the Plastic Closet Flange Spacer

Part Numbers:
21016 - Regular ABS, PVC, Cast Iron
21017 - Cast Iron with clamping ring

Provides Stability to closet flanges installed in oversized or irregular holes cut in the sub floor.
  • Installs below the closet flange.
  • Snugly fits PVC, ABS, and Cast Iron closet flanges.
  • Cut away inner ring to fit the larger OD of a Cast Iron closet flange.
  • 10" Square, 3/8" thick.
  • Can be stacked for added height when the floor is to be finished with ceramic tile.
  • Supported with four brass wood screws.
  • Corrosion proof polyethylene.
  • Two styles to fit any closet flange.
  • Packed 20 per case.